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TAGS: Haykal and daira; Prayer texts; Talismans
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Talisman of a prayer of the Bab; not identified.
See other similar pentacles by browsing, and read about this form of Tablet at Wikipedia.

Partial Inventory catalog ID no: BB00381.

Language: Arabic.

Haykal (pentacle talisman) #3

by The Báb

n.d. []
This is an unidentified pentacle-shaped talisman of a prayer by the Bab. I do not know if the Bab himself drew this or not. It was scanned from the book Ahde Ala: Zendegie Hazrate Bab, page 471, and posted to Here is a picture of the cover of the book: bab_haykal_3_book-cover.jpg. If you have any more information about this talisman or can translate any description from that book, please contact us.

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