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TITLEHaykal (pentacle talisman) #1
AUTHOR 1 Báb, The
VOLUMEby Denis MacEoin
TITLE_PARENTThe Sources of Babi Doctrine and History
ABSTRACTTalisman drawn by the Bab; not identified.
NOTES Images small because it was scanned in 2000, when monitors were smaller and bandwidth more limited.

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TAGSHaykal and daira; Talismans
This is an unidentified pentacle by the Bab, which according to the caption under the image is "from the reproduction in Qismati az alwah-i-khatt-i-Nuqta-yi Ula," p. 26. Note also a description from Shoghi Effendi, in God Passes By page 69:
It was exclusively to His [Bahá'u'lláh's] care that the documents of the Bab, His pen-case, His seals, and agate rings, together with a scroll on which He had penned, in the form of a pentacle, no less than three hundred and sixty derivatives of the word Bahá’ were delivered, in conformity with instructions He Himself had issued prior to His departure from Chihriq.

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