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COLLECTIONSAudio, Bahá'í Writings
TITLEReadings from the Writings of The Báb
AUTHOR 1 The Báb
CONTRIB 1Muhammad Afnan, read by
ABSTRACTLink to audio recordings of a descendant of the Báb reading from two of his most important works, Qayyúm al-Asmá' "Surah to the Kings" and the Bayán-i-farsí (Persian Bayán).
TAGS* Báb, Writings of; - Audiobooks and letters; Bayan-i-Farsi (Persian Bayan); Qayyumul-Asma (book)

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These recordings accompany A Most Noble Pattern: Collected Essays on the Writings of the Báb, edited by Todd Lawson and Omid Ghaemmaghami (Oxford: George Ronald, 2012). See to download them.

The book is a collection of 16 essays by many of the leading specialists on the sometimes very difficult and challenging writings of the Báb. The audio recordings are a companion piece for the book. Dr. Muhammad Afnan is a descendant of the family of the Báb who, of the small circle of experts devoted to the study of these Writings, is one of the most profoundly learned and thus best able to read these texts aloud. We are most grateful to him for agreeing to record these excerpts from the Writings of His Holiness the Báb.

The two recordings were organized by Lawson in 2003. Omid Afnan kindly recorded his father and Golgasht Mosafa’i kindly engineered the sound and made the recordings suitable for download on the web. At one time, the publisher (George Ronald) planned to include the sound files as a companion CD included with the book; this plan was later changed to put them on George Ronald's website with a downloading "key" for those who purchased the book. Both plans were abandoned for logistical reasons. These audio files are only available from Lawson’s website and may also be available from the George Ronald website (which is now being reorganized) in the near future.

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