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Alexander M Zoltai 

poetry, U.S.A.

I live in Kettering, Ohio and my recent collection of poetry, Is Your Soul In Here? A Poet's Struggle With God, has poems that express my efforts to capture (and sometimes hide from) the Light-that inexpressible feeling of connection with the spiritual realm.
The later part has poems that show my steadying connection to that Realm. Nearly half the poems are about my relationship with a woman (or, Woman, if I give full vent to my feelings), which brings up one of the great facts of life-we are most often working out our relationship with God by working out our relationships with other people. I present my poems in the order I feel will most aid others on the Path that leads from the darkness of Uncertainty to the light of Certitude.

The book can be downloaded free at or you can order a copy of it from:

My Blog, titled, B.I.D.E. ~ Exploring the Fabric of Spirituality, is:

A Social Network, on issues related to global peace which I created and manage:

A Discussion Group on spiritual perspectives on current events-from the personal to the global:

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