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Global Visions Arts Alliance  


Global Visions Arts Alliance, (GVAA) is a nonprofit corporation that promotes the oneness of humanity and the equality of women and men through the Arts. One of their projects, the Women of One World show is a multicultural, intergenerational collaboration of professional performing artists who are available for performances. Pictures of this group can be seen atá´ívision/WOW!

The five core members have been featured at major conferences: the Teaneck Souvenir Picnic, Grand Canyon Conference, Divine Art of Living, Green Acre Bahá´í School, the Rabbani Social and Economic Development Conf. 2004, the ACT Women's Conference in Austin, as well as professional performances on college campuses. This group sold out the Denver Bahá´í Center, drawing more than 750 people to its performance which also featured Dr. Dorothy Marcic. Our purpose is to present shows emphasizing the equality of women and men and the oneness of humanity. Whenever possible, we feature local talent on our programs.

We are planning to tour several states in the central and northeast for 10 days in the summer of 2005, and hope to collaborate with a choir, possibly members of the One Human Family Choir, on this tour.

We are in need of assistance in the following areas: Publicity / Web site creation and maintenance / Video production / Tour manager / Database manager / Grant writer!

We always have an eye open for additional talent, and particularly for a Spanish singer. Ability to read music as well as compose it is a real plus.

Global Visions also presents arts programs in Denver, and have featured Narges, Eric Dozier, Ahdieh, WOW, Ava, the art of Mahmehr Golestani. We are currently working on plans for Jack Lenz, Gwendolyn Watson, Red Grammer and Jamie Findlay, plus scheduling our second East Meets West concert and art show. Since 1997 we have brought more than a thousand visitors into our Denver Bahá´í Center.

For further information , or for materials to present to your schools or organizations for performances, please email or

More about Susan Lewis Wright on this site.

  • Review: The GVAA Women of One World Show, Arts Dialogue, June 2000

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