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Javier Duhart
Member of the BAFA board: 1998 to 2002

In the days before websites were so prevalent, he spent some time working on a Spanish version of Arts Dialogue with the intention publishing and distributing this. ONe day some of these translations will appear on the Spanish part of the BAFA, which is managed and coordinated by Margie Díaz Mesén.

Javier, Chile, 1998.

Javier is an architect and musician living in Santiago, Chile. He works as an architect in the public sector and in his spare time runs Faro Producciones, an independent label which produces music CD's. He also composes, arranges and records music in his home-studio, designs websites and films stop-motion animations.

Arka performing in at the first Latin American Bahá´í
Youth Congress, Santiago, Chile, 1998,
Left to right: Daniel Duhart, Javier Duhart and Ignacio Meneses.

He plays guitar, bass and keyboards in the rock group ARKA he founded in 1988, and has played drums in Dario Cardoso's band since 1996.

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