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Leo Klein  

sculpture, curation, art gallery, The Netherlands / Belgium

Leo Klein, 2004 giving a painting workshop.

Leo lives in Berg aan de Maas, a village in the southern province of Limburg where he makes sculpture, curates exhibitions and gives art classes for children and adults.
Dialoog (Dialogue), bronze, carved stone and iron, height: 40 cm.

Just over the border in Belgium he runs the art gallery, MYL art salon in the city of Maaseik.

Stoel (Chair), reworked found objects, iron, height: 120 cm.

Contact for the art gallery:
MYL art salon
Koning Albertlaan 74
Maasiek, Belgium
email: MYL{AT}
tel: +32 (0)89 561 561 or + 31 (0)46 433 7654

Taurus, after the bullfight, found iron object and cast tin forms, height: 2 metres.

Arts Dialogue, Dintel 20, NL 7333 MC, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands