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Leidi Haaijer, visual artist, The Netherlands.

Jusuf Hadžifejzović, installations, sculpture, performance, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Rob Hain, painter, U.K.

Eddie Hall, collage, drawing, South Africa.

Brigritte Jauss-Hansing, ceramicist, Germany.

Nancy Lee Harper, pianist, Portugal.

Nancy Harris, entertainment agent, musician, U.S.A.

Sara Kay Hatch, painter, U.S.A.

John S. Hatcher, poet, U.S.A.

Leenakaisu Hattunen, papermaker, installations, sculpture, Finland.

Robert Hayden, poet, reviewer, U.S.A.

Jane (Sadler) Helbo, musician, wind instrument repairer, Poland / Denmark.

Eva Hemmerlein, painter, Germany.

Paula Henderson, painter, U.S.A.

Teresa Henkle Langness writer, poet, editor, U.S.A.

Duane Herrmann, poet, reviewer, U.S.A.

Tina Herslund, visual arts, Denmark / The Netherlands.

LuAnne Hightower, singer, drummer, U.S.A.

Yuichi Hirano, architect, Japan.

Grant Hindin Miller, singer, songwriter, film script writer, New Zealand / Aotearoa.

Phillip Hinton, actor, playwright, Australia.

Kim Hodges, poet, bookmaker, U.S.A.

Bart Hoen musician, French Guiana.

Josh Homnick, film, design, visual arts, U.S.A.

Styve Homnick, musician, performance arts, U.S.A.

Sandy Hoover, producer, vocalist, and member of the band, Lunar Drive, U.K. & U.S.A.

Joseph Houseal, dance / reviewer / choreographer, U.S.A.

Andrew Houston, academic in theatre, U.S.A.

Alexis Hunter, painter, U.K. / New Zealand.

Orlando Hunter, singer, composer, U.S.A.

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