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Christoph Hansing + Brigritte Jauss-Hansing  

ceramics, Germany

Based in Hamburg Brigitte and Christoph Hansing run a ceramic school and a ceramic studio. More information is here (auf Deutsch).

Brigitte Jauss-Hansing, born 1945, with a degree in ceramics, and studies in graphic design makes graphics and ceramics as well as teaching these.

Christoph Hansing, born 1940, trained as a potter under Andreas Kastl and then under professor Jan Bontjes van Beek at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. His speciality is in stoneware and mosaics which he has exhibited widely. Another speciality are stoneware pin mosaics, although he also makes large-scale stoneware.

  • Letter: about a Bahá´í Artists Folder, BAFA newsletter, June 1992

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