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Jean Claude Boudreau  

singer, songwriter, musician, Canada

Translated from French by Pierre Spierckel, France, 2004

My music is deeply influenced by rock, blues and mostly latin rythmn. Without trying to re-invent the wheel I try to create a mixture of different styles which I like into each song. I try to keep the basic idea simple for the music as for the text. The track "Où est le monde?" (Where is the world?) on my 2002 CD "Oui c'est vrai" is a good example of this.

Sometimes my lyrics are prayers or questions. The track, "Devenir chaud" (Becoming hot) is written like a kind of prayer or meditation where I make wishes about questions about myself. I like particularly like the final two lines in the song.
"Accuser le mystère (Accusing mystery)
Éclairer ce doute profond" (igniting profound doubt)

For me it means that one can always find the origin of our problems and difficulties in what is mysterious, or in things which seem to escape us at first sight or seem beyond our control. But we must be careful not to simplify things too much or the answer will be a shallow one and we will sell ourselves short.

I work always alone. Ideas for music come easily, without any effort. If a melody runs in my head for several days, there is a strong chance for it to become a song. As for the lyrics, it is a bit like a having a fever. I turn these over and over in my head and usually at night, these words wake me up.

I am excited and feel as if what I am writing has already been written, like a vehicle in charge of catching the words I have received.

I have my own recording studio at home, on my computer. Generally I begin by working out the basic structures of the song. If I composed the song with the guitar for instance, such as I did for the song "Mon petit navire" (My little boat), I program a MIDI sequence to accompany the acoustic guitar. This included a bass and then a piano track. Then I recorded that sequence which is my 'fake' band. Then I added the guitar tracks (4 in that case)as well as a bit of sound (accordion + strings) in the background to give the whole thing warmth. I finished it up with a bit of guitar solo. I always work with the vocals at the end. I love to arrange and to make vocal harmonies. This is my favorite moment. I think that for that song I recorded 6 different voices.

Information about his latest music CD is on this website and he also has a website at:


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