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This rap was created for use by the Chicago Bahá'í Workshop, but was never performed with the Workshop. It would ideally be performed by two people, alternating verses rapidly.

Most Great Peace (a rap)

by Brett Zamir

You say you're a gangster,
your brothers want you dead?
You got too many demons
locked away in your head?

You say you're from the country,
an agriculture kid?
You're feedin' all the hungry,
but ya barely get a lick?

You say you're from the suburbs,
a Leave-it-to-Beaver child?
Suburban life's got the besta you,
too rigid yet too mild?

You say you're just an average Joe,
from off a the streets?
Just trying to get by,
just trying to make ends meet?
Well, you can't pull up your bootstraps if you ain't got no shoes,
But man, you make up some fine raps, yeah, they're better than my tunes.

Blessed are the poor, and the humble, and the meek...
Accursed are the powerful who prey on the weak.
You pray for the Promised One to come into sight...
Can't you see He's come as a Thief in the Night?
Bahá'u'lláh, Bahá'u'lláh, the Glory of the Lord!
The time has arrived to make plowshares from swords,
guns into words,
and knifes into chords...

Open up the door to more,
close the door to war and gore,
Turn your back to those who roar,
"Ignore the war-torn poor!"
Has this
become a bore?
to hear words
that rhyme with "or"?
I/We must set forth
you can't ignore,
it's no chore to underscore,
We're all the same at the core...

Bahá'u'lláh said we're all from the same dust...
So why we gonna keep up with this racial blood-lust?
Love is the secret
that flows through our veins...
Stop talkin' all that junk
and get on the Peace Train
If you don't get on the Peace Train,
it's gonna run ya over,
So get up off your feet,
and get stone-cold sober...

Peace is comin' fast,
but spiritual revolution's comin' sooner...
So, let me wrap up this rap, and tie up this tiny tooner...

Press on to meet the dawn,
I know you're 'bout to faint...
This craziness will only last until the break a' day.
The forces of hatred today,
march to the beat of a new drum.
Fear not, for:
      These fruitless strifes and ruinous wars
      shall pass away
      and the 'Most Great Peace'
      shall come.

    (last quotation by Bahá'u'lláh)
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