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TITLEAdvent of Divine Justice Study Outline
AUTHOR 1Brett Zamir
ABSTRACTA brief outline of The Advent of Divine Justice

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CROSSREFAdvent of Divine Justice
TAGS- Outlines and summaries; Advent of Divine Justice (letter)

The need to read

  • no. 1.A. and 2.D. at [1]

This epistle is the "Bahá'í Charter of Teaching"

"...this epistle {The Advent of Divine Justice}...has been rightly described as the Bahá'í Charter of Teaching..."

(On behalf of Shoghi Effendi, Messages to the Antipodes, p. 152)

Brief Outline of its Contents (by section):

  • 1 - Need and opportunities to arise to teach (esp. for (North)-American believers)
  • 2 - Moral/Social Needs in Teaching in American nations
    • Reason for American believers' Special Role/Distinction and need to impact the country's morals as a whole (par. 1-5, 7)
      • Need to embody the country's positive characteristics (par. 6)
    • Moral/Social prerequisites for successful teaching (par. 8-10, 32)
      • Rectitude of conduct (esp. for elected representatives) (par. 11-17)
      • Chaste and holy life (esp. youth) (par. 18-23)
      • Freedom from racial prejudice (esp. between black and white) (par. 24-31)
    • Need and encouragement to overcome tests and criticism (par. 33-35)
  • 3 - Individual Teaching and the Seven Year Plan
    • Seven Year Plan (par. 1-2)
    • Importance of teaching (par. 3-4) and Urgency of Teaching (par. 8-12)
    • Opportunities for all, even the most humble in teaching (par. 5-7)
    • Preparation for teaching
      • Study (par. 13)
      • Learn the language where they may pioneer (par. 14)
      • Individual initiative in devising and executing personal teaching plans (par. 15-16)
      • Work closely with teaching agencies (esp. pioneers) (par. 17)
      • Incorporate concern for teaching in all facets of life (personal circumstances, with Assembly, in summer school, travel-teaching) (par. 18)
      • Particular need to enhance diversity by attracting "Negro, the Indian, the Eskimo, and Jewish races" (par. 19)
    • Pioneering (agency and individual responsibilities and encouragement)
      • Toward establishing Faith in isolated centers and setting up institutions (par. 20, 22, 23, 28-30)
      • Needs inside the U.S. (par. 21)
      • Role of Canada (par. 21)
      • Need to arise (and encouragement) (par. 24-27)
      • Special administrative tasks (material resources, literature, publicity, survey of circumstances) (par. 31) including Translation (par. 32)
      • Need for pioneers to associate with diverse peoples and familiarize selves with culture (par. 33)
      • Need for those unable to pioneer to attract such nationals (though not proselytizing) (par. 34)
      • Need for pioneers to strive for financial independence (par. 35, 37)
      • Need for pioneers to collaborate with sending agency and with fellow believers (par. 36)
    • Special role/boldness of women in teaching (par. 38)
    • Youth appeal (par. 39)
    • Special importance of Panama and other Central/South American countries (par. 40)
  • 4 - Encouragement (ends with supporting passages from Bahá'u'lláh - par. 7-13)
  • 5 - Destiny of American nation as a whole
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