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TITLEProclamation of Baha'u'llah
AUTHOR 1Said Zafar
NOTES Date and context of this talk not given, and the correct spelling of the speaker's name not known; contact me if you know.

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TAGSTablets to kings and rulers
The website where this audio was posted (see archive) did not give any information about this file. In the beginning of the first audio file can be heard "Sayid Zafir [sp.?] has prepared the program for this evening," but there are many different ways of spelling both those names; I'm assuming it's the same person as wrote When Saddam Hussein's Number Comes Up. If you know the name of the speaker, or know anything else about this talk, please email me.

Part 1: Download MP3 file [7 MB, 59 min.]
Part 2: Download MP3 file [7 MB, 58 min.]

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