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TITLEWorld Baha'i Institute in New York
AUTHOR 1Nima Yadollahpour
ABSTRACTAn architectural proposal for a Bahá'í complex in Manhattan, designed structurally and mathematically based on the Seven Valleys.
NOTES Background work for 1997-98 thesis on architecture for Syracuse University. Mirrored from
TAGSArchitecture; Haft Vadi (Seven Valleys); New York, USA; United States (documents)
About: The goal of this project is to understand and comprehend the philosophy of the Bahá'í faith and its literature. From this knowledge, I hope to investigate the issue of transforming a specific Bahá'í text into an architectural form. At this point, my job is not only to be an architect but also a translator. To be able to create an architectural language which is a derivative of the philosophy and the writings of the Bahá'í Faith.
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