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TITLEVirgin Territories Opened by the Knights of Baha'u'llah 1953-1990
VOLUMEVol. 20 (1986-1992)
PUB_THISBahá'í World Centre
ABSTRACTList of names and dates of pioneers and the NSAs responsible for opening territories.
NOTES Included in the book as a pull-out. See also Index to Maps and charts in Bahá'í World volumes.

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TAGS- Knights of Bahá'u'lláh; Maps; Pioneering; Teaching; Ten Year Crusade
(Paper map measures 44.5 cm high x 84 cm wide.)

small image (1657x862, 25K)

big image (3788x1970, 2MB)

  • See also Roll of Honor of the Bahá'í World Crusade.
  • The explanatory text at the bottom center of this map reads:
    "The National Community under whose jurisdiction the Bahá'í pioneer lived before going to his post is indicated by a colored Iine (relating to the color key) under the pioneer's name. Black underlining denotes that the settlers arose from areas other than the homefronts of the twelve participatIng National Spiritual Assemblies."
  • Any visible creases in the image existed in the original poster I used; I scanned the large original in eight separate scans and then collated them to produce this electronic image.
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