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COLLECTIONLetters from the Universal House of Justice
TITLERegional Bahá'í Councils of the United States, Messages to
AUTHOR 1 Universal House of Justice
ABSTRACTIn these two short letters, the House of Justice first sends greetings to the newly-formed United States' four Regional Bahá'í Councils, followed by the Councils' vow of firmness.
NOTES See also: Characteristics and Functions of Regional Bahá'í Councils, Results of the First Regional Bahá'í Council Election, Establishment of Regional Councils: Introduction, and Establishment of Regional Bahá'í Councils in the United States.
TAGSRegional Bahá'í Councils; USA

1. Universal House of Justice message to Regional Bahá'í Councils

TO: The National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States
DATE: 12 December 1997


We are very happy to know that the members of the four Regional Bahá'í Councils, together with the Continental Counsellors and the National Spiritual Assembly, are gathering at the heart of the community this weekend for a launching of the important functions of these newly formed Councils. In view of the acute urgency of advancing the process of entry by troops and the shortness of the time remaining to the Four Year Plan, we take this opportunity to express our heartfelt, best wishes and particularly to urge the members of the Regional Councils to press forward quickly in effecting sound action that will boost the thrust in the expansion and consolidation of the community, so that there will be no slackening of the momentum already achieved, but rather a greater upsurge in activity than has as yet been evident. We appeal to them at this crucial moment not to expend too much time on formulating new procedures or refining the mechanics of their operations. Their accumulated knowledge of Bahá'í administration and the assistance in advice and in practical terms that they will receive from the Counsellors and the National Assembly will enable them to get on with their vital tasks without any delay. Rest assured of our fervent prayers in the Holy Shrines that the high expectations aroused in the American believers through the formation of these Councils may be magnificently realized through the unceasing confirmations of the Blessed Beauty.

Universal House of Justice

2. Message from US Regional Bahá'í Councils to The Universal House of Justice

We extend our most heartfelt greetings to the Universal House of Justice!

The family of Bahá'í institutions lovingly embraced and welcomed the newly-formed Regional Bahá'í Councils of the United States, through luminous consultation and exhortation, and through exquisite hospitality.

In the holiest House of Worship, we received a true Bahá'í embrace from seven Continental Counselors, our beloved National Spiritual Assembly, our stalwart National Teaching Committee, and the dear souls serving at our National Center.

Your urgent and compelling message guided our consultation every step of the way. Surrounded by the original Tablets of the Divine Plan, we pledge not to be distracted from our goal: to present to the Universal House of Justice a complete and total victory in the Four Year Plan.

We are firm in our resolve. With urgency and fearlessness we will, arm in arm with the Bahá'ís of America, advance the process of entry by troops.

We are supported and emboldened by your love and prayers to take up this work with serenity and confidence. We are unified, joyous, and focused in our resolve to lay our hearts at the feet of Bahá'u'lláh.

    The Regional Bahá'í Councils of the United States
    Jamal 3, 153
    December 14, 1997
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