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COLLECTIONLetters from the Universal House of Justice
TITLEOn the Calamitous State of World Affairs and the Material Sustainability of Communities
AUTHOR 1 Universal House of Justice
ABSTRACTOn concerns about the affairs of the world and catastrophic events, and whether the global Bahá’í community should undertake projects to address the material sustainability of communities.
CROSSREFCompilation Guidance on Calamitous Events and Our Response to Them
TAGS* Institute process; * Universal House of Justice, Letters and messages; - Principles; Calamities and catastrophes; Hope; Politics; Public discourse; Root causes; Social action; Speculation; Tests and difficulties
Intro: This letter was shared by the NSA of the United States, sent by email 2020/12/16. The title "On the Calamitous State of World Affairs..." was taken from this email, along with this description:
We direct your attention to a letter from the Universal House of Justice dated December 3. The letter was written in reply to an American believer who had both expressed concern about the calamitous state of world affairs and suggested that the Bahá’í community undertake projects to ensure the material sustainability of communities.

Knowing these are matters much on the minds of the friends, we have received permission to share the letter with you with all personal identifiers removed. Accessible through the link below, the letter is accompanied by a compilation counseling Bahá’ís to avoid dwelling on the perilous state of world affairs and to refuse to allow them to deter us from our vital community-building work.

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