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TITLEBibi Tuba, the Sister of the Martyr Varqá
AUTHOR 1Vedad Theophilus
ABSTRACTOne-page translation and abridgment of a passage from a Persian Bahá’í history book published by the father of Adib Taherzadeh, about the daughter of Haji Mulla Mihdi-i-‘Atri, and sister of Mirza Ali-Muhammad (Varqá).
NOTES Shared by B. Handal, whose researched mentioned below can be found at at and elsewhere. He notes: "As part of my research on the Varqá family, I have received the following document entitled 'Bibi Tuba, the sister of the martyr Varqá,' written by Vedad Theophilus, a member of the family." [-B.H. 2021]
TAGSBibi Tuba; Varqa; Varqá, Mírzá `Alí-Muhammad
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