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TITLEProgressive Revelation Poster
AUTHOR 1 Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Teaneck NJ
ABSTRACTOne-page poster giving a visual representation of the Manifestations that have come to nine countries or regions of the world.
NOTES From the Emma Maxie Jones Collection.

Date of original unknown (possibly 1940-1950s); digitized version prepared in 2005. See also a picture of my father, Walter Jones, teaching in the Gallup Bahá'í center during the 1960s, who likely used this chart as inspiration for his own chart for teaching the native People. [-E.J., 2021]

TAGS- Interfaith dialogue; Manifestations of God; New Jersey, USA; Progressive revelation; Teaneck, NJ; United States (documents); Visuals

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