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tag name: Sweden

web link: Sweden

  type: Geographic locations
related tags: - Europe; Scandinavia
referring tags: Sápmi; Stockholm, Sweden

"Sweden" appears in:

1.   from the main catalog (3 results)

  1. Peter Terry. Bahá'í Studies in Europe (1981). — Interviews with and bios of individuals engaged in study of the Babi and Baha'i religions, and descr...
  2. Universal House of Justice, comp. Bahá'í World, The: Volume 18 (1979-1983) (1986). — Periodic volumes that survey the global activities and major achievements of the Faith.
  3. Encyclopaedia Iranica. Arjen Bolhuis, comp. Encyclopaedia Iranica: Selected articles related to Persian culture, religion, philosophy and history (1982). — Sorted, categorized collection of links to over 170 articles.

2.   from the Chronology (9 results)

  1. 1920-07-08 — August Rudd, a Swede who had becme a Baha'i in America, returned to his native country, to become th...
  2. 1936-09-00 — Lorol Schopflocher departed for Europe to do teaching work in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, Fran...
  3. 1946-00-00 — In the second Seven Year Plan from 1946 to 1952, the American Baha'i community was given the respons...
  4. 1952-10-08 — Holy Year, "The Great Jubilee", October 1952 to October 1953, was inaugurated. [MBW16-18; BW12:116; ...
  5. 1953-07-21 — The European Intercontinental Teaching Conference was held in Stockholm. [BW12:167; CBN No 46 Novemb...
  6. 1957-04-21 — The Regional Spiritual Assembly of Scandinavia (Norway and Sweden) plus Denmark and Finland was form...
  7. 1962-04-21 — The National Spiritual Assembly of Sweden was formed. Since 1957 they had been part of the Regional...
  8. 1972-06-05 — The Baha'i International Community was invited to participate in the <a href="https://en.wikipedi...
  9. 2022-06-02 — A conference titled, Stockholm+50: a healthy planet for the prosperity of all - our responsibility, ...

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