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  type: Institute process
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1.   from the main catalog (11 results)

  1. Romuald Boubou Moyo. Contes interactifs pour pré-jeunes (2018). — Il s’agit d’une deuxième version du livret pour pré-jeunes "Marcher dans le droit chemin." Ils...
  2. Jean-Marie Nau. Exploring Learning Processes within a Collaborative Study Circle: Cultural-historical activity theory perspective on individual and social transformation (2012). — Processes of learning in communities outside school-related education; Baha'i theories of how educat...
  3. Harvard Pluralism Project: Baha'i (2023). — Six overview essays on Baha'i history, beliefs, and practices. (Offsite)
  4. Romuald Boubou Moyo. Interactive Stories (2020). — A choose-your-own-adventure book, based on the junior youth book Walking the Straight Path. The book...
  5. Farzam Arbab. Learning About Growth: The Story of the Ruhi Institute and Large-scale Expansion of the Bahá'í Faith in Colombia (1991). — On the formation and development of the Ruhi Institute in Colombia; difficulties Baha'is faced in de...
  6. Farzam Arbab. Principles and Practices of Curriculum Design and Development (2004).
  7. Paul Lample. Revelation and Social Reality: Learning to Translate What Is Written into Reality (2009). — The nature of change in social reality, Baha’i understanding and practice, learning and growth, pa...
  8. Ruhi Institute. Ruhi book series (1987). — Published volumes of the Ruhi Institute books. (Links to documents, offsite.)
  9. Universal House of Justice. Ruhi Institutes and the Five-Year Plan (2011). — Letter to all National Spiritual Assemblies about the role of the Ruhi Institute, coordination of cl...
  10. Farzam Arbab. Training Institute and the Main Sequence of Courses, The (2004).
  11. International Teaching Centre. Training Institutes: Attaining a Higher Level of Functioning (2017). — Assistance to Baha'is managing institutes, to help better implement the main sequence of courses, th...

2.   from the Chronology (5 results)

  1. 2005-12-28 — In its message to all National Spiritual Assemblies the Universal House of Justice said "we have rea...
  2. 2011-04-09 — The debut of the film <a href="
  3. 2011-12-11 — The announcement by the Universal House of Justice of the creation of "an International Advisory Boa...
  4. 2018-09-21 — The Baha'i World Centre announced the release of three short films that highlighted aspects of the c...
  5. 2022-01-01 — The Universal House of Justice announced that the courses of the Ruhi Institute would continue to be...

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