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  1. Universal House of Justice. Administrative Order, Suggestions about changes in (1995). — Ways in which Baha'is may make suggestions for change within the Baha'i administration, and the natu...
  2. Denis MacEoin. Bahá'í Fundamentalism and the Academic Study of the Babi Movement (1986). — A response to Afnan and Hatcher's "Western Islamic Scholarship and Bahá'í Origins," on the issue...
  3. Barney Leith. Bahá'í Review: Should the 'red flag' law be repealed? (1995). — Argument that the current provisions for review may be anachronistic and that the benefits of deregu...
  4. Universal House of Justice. Geoffrey W. Marks, comp. Bahá'í studies Seminar in Cambridge, 30 September - 1 October 1978: Message to Participants (1996). — Harmony of science and religion; faith and reason; spiritual scholarship; and the institution of rev...
  5. Udo Schaefer. Challenges to Bahá'í Studies (1992). — Discussion of the intellectual presentation of the Baha'i Faith, and of the related topics of review...
  6. Vance Salisbury. Critical Examination of 20th-Century Baha'i Literature, A (1997). — Explores the claim, first made by E. G. Browne, that some Baha'is suppress or distort historical tex...
  7. Universal House of Justice. Individual Rights and Freedoms (1988). — An important and often-quoted letter about rights and freedom of expression in the Baha'i community,...
  8. Bahá'í Internet Agency. Internet and Literature Review, The (2011). — Guidance from the Baha'i World Centre to two NSAs, that the process of "literature review" does not ...
  9. Kalimat Press and Distribution by Bahá'í Agencies (1999). — While Baha'is are free to purchase and own books by <a href="">Kalimat Press...
  10. Bahá'u'lláh and Abdu'l-Bahá et al. Helen Bassett Hornby, comp. Lights of Guidance: A Bahá'í Reference File (1988). — The classic Baha'i reference book. This is its first online edition.
  11. Juan Cole. Modernity and the Millennium: The Genesis of the Bahá'í Faith in the Nineteenth-century Middle East [introduction only] (1998). — Introduction and first 4 pages of Chapter One.
  12. Muhammad Afnan and William S. Hatcher et al. Note on Maceoin's 'Bahá'í Fundamentalism' and 'Afnán, Hatcher and an old bone' (1986). — Two shorter follow-up essays, offering closing thoughts on a previously-published debate about issue...
  13. Bahá'í International Archives and Universal House of Justice. Publishing, Bahá'í, Memorandum on: Materials to be Deposited with the Bahá'í World Centre Library (1998). — Overview of Literature Review, publishing, translations, and details of the requirement of sending c...
  14. Shoghi Effendi and Universal House of Justice Research Department of the Universal House of Justice, comp. Reviewing: Practice and Functions of Literature Review (1989). — Overview of Literature Review, publishing, and the requirement of sending copies of all materials to...
  15. Universal House of Justice. Salmani's My Memories of Baha'u'llah, Publication of (1982). — Two letters, to a Baha'i publisher and an individual, regarding the 1982 publication of My Memories ...
  16. Universal House of Justice. Translation and Review (1991). — Whether certain scholars were authorized as translators, and that the institution of review is not b...
  17. Universal House of Justice. Translation of Authoritative Bahá'í Texts into the Spanish Language (1993). — Regarding issues related to the translation of authoritative Bahá’í Texts into the Spanish lan...

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  1. 1971-09-00 — The Universal House of Justice distributed a memorandum to all National Assemblies to provide clarif...
  2. 1979-01-03 — In a <a href="
  3. 1988-12-29 — The Universal House of Justice issued a letter to the Baha'is in the United States published as <...
  4. 2022-08-17 — The Universal House of Justice announced that a Persian Reviewing Panel, appointed by and operating ...

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