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  type: Geographic locations
related tags: - Europe
referring tags: Cacow, Poland; The Free City of Danzig

"Poland" appears in:

1.   from the main catalog (4 results)

  1. Jan T. Jasion. "A.J." and the Introduction of the Baha'i Faith into Poland (1978). — On the earliest mentions of the Babi Faith in Polish, and the writings of Aleksander Walerian Jablon...
  2. Encyclopaedia Iranica. Arjen Bolhuis, comp. Encyclopaedia Iranica: Selected articles related to Persian culture, religion, philosophy and history (1982). — Sorted, categorized collection of links to over 170 articles.
  3. John T. Dale. Lidia Zamenhof (1996). — Brief biography of the daughter of Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof, the creator of Esperanto.
  4. Jan T. Jasion. Polish Response to Soviet Anti-Bahá'í Polemics, The (1999). — Response of non-Baha'i scholars to Marxist-Leninist polemics and attacks on the Baha'i Faith, in par...

2.   from the Chronology (8 results)

  1. 1887-07-26 — Leyzer (Eliezer) Levi Zamenhof published, in Russian, La Unua Libro, (The First Book) of his fully-f...
  2. 1926-04-00 — Lidia Zamenhof, a daughter of the founder of Esperanto Ludwik Zamenhof, became a Baha'i, the first P...
  3. 1939-09-03 — World War II began with Britain and France declaring war on Germany after Germany invaded Poland....
  4. 1942-08-00 — Lidia Zamenhof was killed in the gas chambers at Treblinka. [HDBF516] For her obituary see BW10:5...
  5. 1990-11-12 — 12 November 1990: To the Followers of Baha'u'llah throughout the World SEVEN MONTHS AFTER LAUNCH...
  6. 1991-03-00 — In March the first Bahaʼi Local Spiritual Assembly was re-elected in Warsaw. By 1992 the National S...
  7. 1992-04-21 — The National Spiritual Assembly of Poland was formed with its seat in Warsaw. [CBN Jan92 p2, BINS270...
  8. 2004-04-02 — The passing of Ola Pawlowska (b. Ola Clemens 14 February, 1910 in Lakta, outside Cacow, Poland) in N...

3.   from the Chronology of Canada (1 result)

  1. 2004-04-02 — The passing of Ola Pawlowska (b. Ola Clemens 14 February, 1910 in Lakta, outside Cacow, Poland) in N...

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