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tag name: Papua New Guinea

web link: Papua_New_Guinea

  type: Geographic locations
related tags: Melanesia; New Guinea
referring tags: Admiralty Islands, Papua New Guinea; New Ireland, Papua New Guinea; Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea; Sogeri, Papua New Guinea

"Papua New Guinea" appears in:

1.   from the main catalog (5 results)

  1. Baháʼí Houses of Worship: A Visual Overview (2020). — A collection of collages, exterior and interior images of Bahaʼi Houses of Worship constructed, und...
  2. Namibia, Pacific Islands, Queen Marie, and Emeric Sala (2005).
  3. Loulie Mathews. Outposts of a World Religion by a Bahá'í Traveler: Journeys Taken in 1933-1935, Accompanied by Edward R. Mathews (n.d.). — Autobiography of trips to New Zealand, New Guinea, Australia, Hawaii, and South America teaching the...
  4. Sama Shodjai. Singular Room, A: An Exploration of Bahá'í Houses of Worship (2023). — Overview of the design principles followed in building the Baha'i temples, and the intricacies and c...
  5. Graeme Were. Thinking Through Images: Kastom and the Coming of the Baha'is to Northern New Ireland, Papua New Guinea (2005). — Anthropological study on the Baha'i Faith in the Nalik area of New Ireland, New Guinea, especially t...

2.   from the Chronology (14 results)

  1. 1954-07-05 — Violet Hoehnke, an Australian, arrived in Papua New Guinea and was named a Knight of Baha'u'llah for...
  2. 1966-00-02 — Tommy Kabu, a prominent person from the village of Ara'ava in the Gulf Province and the first in the...
  3. 1969-04-21 — The National Spiritual Assembly of Papua New Guinea was formed with its seat in Lae. [BW15:265] F...
  4. 1973-11-00 — The first youth conference of Papua New Guinea took place in Sogeri with 40 youth and visitors. [BW1...
  5. 1975-06-00 — Elti Kunak of Papua New Guinea was awarded the British Empire Medal for her work with women's clubs ...
  6. 1993-06-12 — The Honourable Sir Julius Chan, KBE, Deputy Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea consulted with the Un...
  7. 2009-01-17 — Regional Conferences were held in Lae, Papua New Guinea, Vancouver, Canada and Managua, Nicaragua. ...
  8. 2011-04-22 — The Preparation for Social Action programme was implemented under the Five Year Plan. The programme...
  9. 2012-04-21 — Plans were announced for the building of the first two national Mashriqul-Adhkars that were to be ra...
  10. 2018-03-21 — The design for the national Baha'i House of Worship of Papua New Guinea (PNG) was unveiled. Orig...
  11. 2019-11-24 — Progress Report on the construction of the national Baha'i House of Worship for Papua New Guinea the...
  12. 2020-06-29 — The National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Papua New Guinea issued a statement through its Ex...
  13. 2020-11-20 — The Baha'i World News Service released a progress report on the construction of the Mashriqul-Adhkar...
  14. 2022-09-19 — People from nearby neighbourhoods gathered at the temple site to weave aluminum strips into a tradit...

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