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  type: Geographic locations
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referring tags: Longworth, Oxfordshire, England; Oxford University

"Oxford, England" appears in:

1.   from the main catalog (5 results)

  1. Ahmad Sohrab. David Merrick, ed. 'Abdu'l-Baha in Britain, 1913: The Diary of Ahmad Sohrab (2018). — Diary of the travels to Liverpool, London, Oxford, Edinburgh, Bristol, and Woking, 1912/12/05-1913/0...
  2. Todd Lawson. Art and the Interconnectedness of All Things (2020). — Art as a mode of divine revelation in the Wrings and Calligraphy of the Bab.
  3. Shoghi Effendi. Bahai Movement, The: A paper read by Shoghi Effendi at Oxford (1923). — Text of an address given to the Oxford University Asiatic Society, February 1921, before the passing...
  4. Lil Osborn. Shoghi Effendi in Oxford, by Riaz Khadem, and Her Eternal Crown, Queen Marie of Romania and the Bahá'í Faith, by Della Marcus: Reviews (2001).
  5. Geoffrey Cameron. Threatening Agenda, A: Iran's Shameful Denial of Education to its Bahá'í Community (2008). — Iranian government hardliners promote a coordinated and threatening agenda aimed at suffocating the ...

2.   from the Chronology (21 results)

  1. 1912-12-31 — `Abdu'l-Baha visited Oxford at the invitation of Dr Thomas Kelly Cheyne to address a meeting at Manc...
  2. 1920-04-20 — Shoghi Effendi left Haifa for France with the intention of taking up his study of English at Oxford ...
  3. 1920-05-15 — Shoghi Effendi arrived in England to take up his studies at Oxford. His stated objective was: <u...
  4. 1920-06-11 — Shoghi Effendi made application to Balliol College at Oxford University as a non-collegiate student ...
  5. 1920-07-00 — Harlan and Grace Ober made a pilgrimage to visit 'Abdu'l-Baha in Haifa. They returned via Germany a...
  6. 1920-07-19 — Shoghi Effendi departed from France two weeks after receiving 'Abdu'l-Baha's permission to study at ...
  7. 1920-10-01 — Shoghi Effendi entered Balliol College, Oxford University. [CB284; DH149; GBF11-12] For his pur...
  8. 1920-10-16 — Shoghi Effendi at Oxford - The Michaelmas Term 1920 Because there wasn't a vacancy in Balliol C...
  9. 1921-01-15 — Shoghi Effendi at Oxford - The Hilary Term 1921 Permission was issued by the Non-Collegiate Deleg...
  10. 1921-03-15 — Shoghi Effendi at Oxford - Spring Vacation 1921 27 March: He visited his sister Rúhangiz in Scot...
  11. 1921-04-25 — Shoghi Effendi at Oxford - The Trinity Term at Balliol College 1921 The Trinity Term — 15 Sunda...
  12. 1921-06-20 — Shoghi Effendi at Oxford - The Long Vacation 1921 Those students who wished to continue their stu...
  13. 1921-10-06 — Shoghi Effendi at Oxford - The Michaelmas Term 1921 Shoghi Effendi continued his translation work...
  14. 1921-11-30 — A cable was sent to London with news of `Abdu'l-Baha's passing. Shoghi Effendi was summonsed to the ...
  15. 1943-00-00 — The founding of the publishing house George Ronald by David Hofman using his stage name. Its first t...
  16. 1950-03-26 — The British Community needed 22 declarations to complete the goals of their Six Year Plan. The Nati...
  17. 1988-04-11 — The Global Survival Conference in Oxford attracted 200 spiritual and legislative leaders. For five d...
  18. 2007-04-24 — The publication of <a href="
  19. 2013-00-00 — The publication of the article <a href="
  20. 2016-06-12 — The publication of <a href="
  21. 2023-08-26 — The publication of <a href="

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