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  1. 1952-00-00 — Aziz Yazdi from Persia joined Ted Cardell in Nairobi. In 1953 they were joined by Ursula Samandari ...
  2. 1953-04-21 — The first local spiritual assembly in Kenya was established in Nairobi. ...
  3. 1964-04-21 — The National Spiritual Assembly of Kenya was formed with its seat in Nairobi. Its members were: Its...
  4. 1972-05-11 — Hand of the Cause Amatu'l-Baha Rúhiyyih Khanum and her companion, Violette Nakhjavani, arrived in R...
  5. 1974-12-01 — The Baha'i International Community appointed a representative in Nairobi. [<a href="https://www.b...
  6. 1976-10-15 — An International Teaching Conference was held in Nairobi, Kenya, attended by 1,363 Baha'is. [BW17:81...
  7. 1985-07-15 — Ten representatives of the Baha'i International Community attended the third World Conference on Wom...
  8. 1992-11-23 — The Second World Congress was held in New York City to commemorate the centenary of the passing of B...
  9. 2003-06-20 — The passing of Knight of Baha'u'llah Ursula Samandari (b. Ursula Newman 29 December, 1909 in Mitcham...
  10. 2023-06-05 — The second session of the United Nations Habitat Assembly was held in Nairobi, Kenya under the theme...
  11. 2023-09-27 — The passing of Mavis Cox Changawa (b. 1922 Moruga, Trinidad and Tobago) in Nairobi at the age of abo...

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