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tag name: Joel Marangella

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  type: People

"Joel Marangella" appears in:

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  1. Vernon Elvin Johnson. Historical Analysis of Critical Transformations in the Evolution of the Bahá'í World Faith, An (1974). — Detailed study of major changes in the Faith's history, opposition to such changes, and their result...
  2. Chad Jones. Mason Remey and Joel Bray Marangella (2001). — Short research note about Remey's claim to the Guardianship, which may have been inspired by Joel Ma...
  3. Universal House of Justice. Mason Remey and Those Who Followed Him (1997). — Letter from the US NSA on the importance of commitment to the covenant, a letter from the UHJ on cov...

2.   from the Chronology (5 results)

  1. 1960-04-21 — Hand of the Cause Charles Mason Remey claimed he was the second, 'hereditary' Guardian of the Baha'i...
  2. 1960-05-05 — Hand of the Cause Abu'l-Qasim Faizi was sent by the Custodians to France to meet with the National S...
  3. 1960-08-03 — Cable from the Hands of the Cause of God announcing the expulsion as Covenant Breakers of John Carre...
  4. 1962-09-00 — Following full investigation and consultation on certain information concerning the activities of Re...
  5. 1997-01-31 — The Universal House of Justice wrote all National Spiritual Assemblies, Continental Counsellors, and...

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