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2.   from the Chronology (3 results)

  1. 1956-02-21 — The first Baha'i pioneer, Marguerite Allman, (later Miners), formerly of Hamilton and her pioneer po...
  2. 1981-04-21 — The National Spiritual Assembly of Bermuda was formed with its seat in Hamilton. [BW18:107, 171]...
  3. 2021-11-18 — The release of the film <a href="">Exemplar</a> commis...

3.   from the Chronology of Canada (22 results)

  1. 1939-00-01 — Lulu Barr was the first Baha'i in Hamilton, ON. [OBCC196]
  2. 1940-04-21 — Canada's sixth spiritual assembly formed in Hamilton. It did not re-form in 1944. [OBCC177-178,
  3. 1941-05-00 — Lulu Barr pioneered to Saskatoon from Hamilton where she had learned of the Faith from Mabel Ric
  4. 1941-06-20 — The passing of Howard Colby Ives (b. 11 Oct 1867, Brooklyn, New York, d. Pulaski County, Arkans
  5. 1942-04-21 — Canada's sixth and seventh spiritual assemblies formed in Halifax, NS, Hamilton, ON. [OBCC177] ...
  6. 1943-06-18 — The passing of Mabel Rice-Wray Ives (Rizwanea) (b. in St. Louis, MI in 1878) in Oklahoma, OK. She wa...
  7. 1951-07-00 — Ontario's first all-Baha'i funerals were held for Mrs E J Gill of Toronto and Arthur Lehman of Hamil...
  8. 1952-01-05 — Fred and Jean Graham were registered as Baha'is. They had been closely aligned and were sympathet
  9. 1954-02-00 — Florence Mayberry made a tour of Eastern Canada with stops in Bellville, Kingston, Montreal,
  10. 1955-12-00 — It was reported in the Canadian Baha'i News that the Hamilton Spiritual Assembly received its offic...
  11. 1956-09-00 — The Baha'i Faith was put on the curriculum in a course on comparative Religions at McMaster Universi...
  12. 1957-07-00 — Hand of the Cause Dhikru'llah Khadem met with the National Spiritual Assembly. He had come from C...
  13. 1957-07-00 — Hand of the Cause Dhikru'llah Khadem met with the National Spiritual Assembly. He had come from C...
  14. 1957-11-02 — Hand of the Cause Paul Haney visited the Toronto-Hamilton area and spoke at conferences in both citi...
  15. 1957-12-00 — The National Spiritual Assembly appointed a National Promulgation Committee with a mandate to bring ...
  16. 1958-02-06 — Hand of the Cause John Robarts arrived in Canada to begin his extensive tour of Canada. He had been ...
  17. 1958-04-00 — The Canadian Baha'i News reported that as of this date 10 Local Assemblies had been incorporated in ...
  18. 1959-00-00 — The largest year-round Inuit community in Canada was in Hamilton at the Mountain Sanatorium where 33...
  19. 1970-01-12 — An animated presentation entitled "The Community of Baha'u'llah" made its initial presentation at th...
  20. 1975-07-00 — Hand of the Cause Dhikru'llah Khadem met with the National Spiritual Assembly. He had come from C...
  21. 1992-11-30 — The passing of Doris McKay (b. Doris
  22. 2018-09-28 — The passing of Aghdas Javid (b. 16 July 1924 in Hamadan, Iran) in Dundas. She was born a third gener...

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