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  1. Moojan Momen. Badí' (Bahá'í) Calendar: An Introduction, The (2014). — Summary of the nature of Baha'i calendar, the way the Badi' calendar works, and the reason for the 2...
  2. Bahá'í Calendar, Festivals, and Dates of Historic Significance (1986). — Feasts, anniversaries, days of fasting, holy days, Nabil's narrative on the Badi' Calendar, and brie...
  3. Robert Stockman. Bahá'í holy days and commonalities among different religious traditions (2005). — Audio presentation with background music, prepared for an audio series from the US Baha'i National C...
  4. Christopher Buck and J. Gordon Melton. Calendar, Bahá'í, and Rhythms of Worship (2011).
  5. Encyclopaedia Iranica. Arjen Bolhuis, comp. Encyclopaedia Iranica: Selected articles related to Persian culture, religion, philosophy and history (1982). — Sorted, categorized collection of links to over 170 articles.
  6. Udo Schaefer. Foreword: Time and the Badí` Calendar (2008). — An investigation of ‘time’ and the ‘Badi‘ calendar’ and its inherent symbolism.
  7. Dana Paxson. Half Million Years, A (2021). — Exploring the 500,000-year Baha’i cycle asserted by Shoghi Effendi, in two versions: academic-styl...
  8. Universal House of Justice. Regarding the Implementation of the Badi` Calendar (2014). — Message to the Baha’is of the world on the updated calendar of Baha'i holy days. Includes a table ...
  9. Mirza `Isa Khan Isfahani. Ahang Rabbani, trans. With Abdu'l-Bahá: The Diary of Mirza 'Isa Khan Isfahani (2008). — Account of a visit to Haifa, December 1919 - January 1920, by a little-known author Mirza 'Isa Khan ...

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  1. 2023-12-19 — The publication of the second edition of <a href="

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