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TITLETablet 27 Feb 1913 to Graham Pole (Secretary General Theosophical Society)
AUTHOR 1 Abdu'l-Bahá
CONTRIB 1Ahmad Sohrab, trans.
ABSTRACTTablet to Graham Pole, Secretary General of the Theosophical Society (Scotland), from France, 27 Feb 1913. Original translation by Ahmad Sohrab.
NOTES Typed from the original in the Edinburgh Archives.
TAGS* `Abdu'l-Bahá, Writings and talks of; Edinburgh, Scotland; Graham Pole; Scotland; Theosophical Society; United Kingdom
CONTENT Rue St Didier 30
To His Honour Mr D. Graham Pole, upon him be Baha-o-llah, El-Abha
Edinburgh, Scotland

He is God!
O thou revered Friend!

Thy letter was received. Its contents indicated that that illumined lady soared toward the Kingdom of the Merciful. Alas! that such a light which was shining in your Society has become extinguished, but it has become radiant in the Lamp of the Kingdom. She has obtained the Eternal Light. Therefore be ye not Sad!
The Magazines which you forwarded were received. I am most grateful to you for this Service. I will pray in thy behalf and beg for thee Divine Confirmation so that in Scotland thou mayest upraise the Banner of the Oneness of the World of humanity through the Assistance of Bah-o-llah and become the promoter of the heavenly Teachings which are the Spirit of this Age! May you always see His Holiness Baha-o-llah as your helper and assistant.

Convey longing greeting to all the friends!
Upon thee be Baha-El Abha!
(Sig) Abdul Baha Abbas !
Trans by M. Ahmad Sohrab Feb 27th 1913 Paris France

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