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TITLEsoc.religion.bahai: Complete Archives
CONTRIB 1 Bahá'í Computer and Communications Association, comp.
ABSTRACTLink to an 18-year archive of the first moderated Bahá'í newsgroup.
TAGSArchives; Criticism and apologetics; Internet; Social media
  1. Original website homepage of soc.religion.bahai, complete with an overview of the list: (archived).
  2. Archive April 1992 - November 2009: (archived).
  3. Second website homepage of newsgroup, and archive May 1992 - September 2010:

This newsgroup is historically important and its contents useful because it was the first and the longest-active Usenet Bahá'í newsgroup (see what that is at It was moderated and run by volunteers under the direction of the Bahá'í Computer and Communication Association (BCCA), a volunteer agency under the guidance of the Baha’i International Teaching Center, giving it semi-autonomous yet semi-official status.

This archive has been backed up locally, and will be uploaded here should both of the above repositories go offline.

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