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COLLECTIONLetters from the Guardian
TITLELetter from the Guardian to John B. Cornell, 1946
AUTHOR 1 Shoghi Effendi
ABSTRACTLetter on behalf of Shoghi Effendi, noting how many letters he now had to deal with, encouraging Bahá'í youth to play a greater role in the activities of the Faith, and that questions about secondary administrative matters should be put to the NSA.
March 9th

Dear Bahá'í Brother:

    Your letter of July 19th, 1945, reached the beloved Guardian, but as he has so much work of an important and pressing nature to attend to, he finds it increasingly difficult to keep with his correspondence.

    The Guardian is indeed very anxious for Bahá'í young people to shoulder their share of the work and, above all, to obtain a mastery of them and of our administrative principles.

    The questions you have referred to him should be put to your National Spiritual Assembly, as it is both qualified and obliged to settle these purely secondary administrative details. The Guardian is constantly encouraging the friends and the Assemblies to fulfil their respective duties: the friends should learn to refer to, and lean on, their Assemblies and the Assemblies should assume the responsibility of making decisions and carrying them out.

    He assures you he will pray for the success of your devoted Bahá'í services, and that you may assist your fellow young people in studying and labouring for the beloved Cause.

    With warm Bahá'í greetings,
    Yours in His service,
    R. Rabbani
Assuring you of my loving prayers for your spiritual advancement and the success of your efforts for the promotion of our beloved Faith.
    Your true brother 
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