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COLLECTIONSBWC compilations, Bahá'í Writings
TITLECall to the Nations
AUTHOR 1Shoghi Effendi
CONTRIB 1 Universal House of Justice, comp.
ABSTRACTSelections from the writings of the Guardian chosen by the Universal House of Justice, offered as guidance at a "critical juncture" of humankind in a dark period of its history, but with a glorious day on the horizon.
NOTES Also available in Microsoft Word format, with proofreader notes and corrections.
CROSSREFEpub and Mobi formats
TAGS- Basics; - Compilations; Call to the Nations (book); Integration and disintegration; Peace; World Order of Bahá'u'lláh (book); World order; World peace
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PERMISSIONpublic domain
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