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TITLETheses on Modernity and the Bahá'í Faith
AUTHOR 1Mikhail Sergeev
VOLUMEvol. 4
TITLE_PARENTStudies in Bahá'í Philosophy
PUB_THISCharles Schlacks
CITY_THISIdyllwild, CA
ABSTRACTOn how new religious movements respond to modernity; cycles of religion; project of modernity; culture vs. civilization; the Bahá'í extension of modernity; Bahá'í departure from modernity; separation of religion and state.
NOTES See also the complete issue [PDF].
CROSSREFReview of "Theory of Religious Cycles: Tradition, Modernity and the Bahá'í Faith" (Benjamin Olshin, 2015)
TAGS- Interfaith dialogue; - Philosophy; - Principles; Church and state; Civilization; Criticism and apologetics; Culture; Cycles; Decline and renewal of religion; Enlightenment (movement); Equality; Ethics; Interpretation; Modernity; Politics; Power; Reform; Reformation; Renaissance; Secularism; Unity
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