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TITLEThe Architectures of Thinking
AUTHOR 1Jordi Vallverdu Segura
AUTHOR 2Josuke Nakano
TITLE_PARENTJournal of the Sociology and Theory of Religion
ABSTRACTSacred architectures play a role in shaping cognition — which results from the relationships between the subject and their surroundings. By sharing an environment and its relationships, members of a community define their values, attitudes, and "reality."
NOTES This article is online under CC license at See full journal Los problemas sociales, económicos y religiosos desde la perspectiva bahá’í.
TAGS- Buddhism; - Christianity; - Europe; - Philosophy; - Shintoism; Architecture; Arts; Built environment; Calamities and catastrophes; Change; Climate change; Community (general); Cultural diversity; Dualism; Emptiness; Environment; Ethics; God; Interfaith dialogue; Japan; Light; Monism; Nature; Nothingness; Ontology; Politics; Psychology; Religion (general); Sociology; Unity
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