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COLLECTIONPersonal compilations
TITLEA World in Travail: Understanding and Responding to the Events of Our Times
AUTHOR 1 Bahá'u'lláh
AUTHOR 2 Abdu'l-Bahá
AUTHOR 3 Shoghi Effendi
AUTHOR 4 Universal House of Justice
CONTRIB 1Kamran Sedig, comp.
CONTRIB 2Jan Duchac, ed.
ABSTRACTA compilation on the maladies of the world.
NOTES This document has no mention of a publisher in the front matter or an entry in WorldCat, suggesting that it is only a digital publication and not available for purchase in other formats.
CROSSREFThe World's Current State of Disorder and Confusion (BWC, 2020)
TAGSCalamities and catastrophes; Crisis; Integration and disintegration; Tests and difficulties
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