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COLLECTIONSAudio, Songs & Music
TITLERemember Bill Sears: musical meditations
AUTHOR 1William Sears
ABSTRACTFour musical pieces accompanying selections from the speeches of Sears.
NOTES Mirrored with permission from
TAGSArts; Meditation; Music; Talks; William Sears
Introduction and credits[MP3, 1 MB, 1 min.]
Part 1: Kevin McCloud, Touching Moments[MP3, 8 MB, 9 min.]
Part 2: Taylor Hayward, As the Covering Waters of the Sea[MP3, 8 MB, 9 min.]
Part 3: Lena Selyanina, Piano Paintings[MP3, 8 MB, 9 min.]
Part 4: Taylor Hayward, Without Words[MP3, 8 MB, 8 min.]

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