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TITLEDestiny and Freedom in the Bahá'í Writings
AUTHOR 1Julio Savi
TITLE_PARENTJournal of Bahá'í Studies
PUB_THISAssociation for Bahá'í Studies North America
ABSTRACTBahá'í writings on human free will and fate: our lives are free, yet also regulated by the decrees of God. Freedom is best enjoyed through understanding God's will, our spiritual purpose (H.M. Balyuzi Memorial Lecture).
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TAGS- Philosophy; Destiny; Freedom and liberty; Hasan M. Balyuzi Memorial Lectures
About: To know the boundaries of one’s destiny and freedom and, especially, to know how the latter can be best used are two very common aspirations among human beings. This paper will comment upon a number of relevant, mainly officially translated, Writings, some untranslated Tablets, as well as a few talks by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá and interpretations by Shoghi effendi. human destiny is a mystery and only the true seeker can obtain an insight into it. Life itself will assist him in this endeavor. Human beings are free, and yet their lives are regulated by the decrees of God, both irrevocable and revocable decrees. a man best uses his freedom, if he understands God’s will and makes a disciplined effort to fulfill it in his daily life, with radiant acquiescence.
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