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TITLEAcross Coveted Lands
AUTHOR 1Henry Savage-Landor
PUB_THISCharles Scribners Sons
ABSTRACTBrief mention of the Bahá'ís of Yazd.
NOTES The book also has a photo of the chained murderer of Nasr-ed-Din, whose final assasination was also blamed on the Babis.
TAGSIran (documents); Mentions; Yazd, Iran
CONTENT [page 391]

The school work of the Mission necessarily appeals to a much smaller circle, but there is no doubt whatever about its being appreciated, and, further, there seems to be exceedingly little hostility to such religious inquiry and teaching as does not altogether collide with or appear to tend to severance from the Mussulman or Parsee communities. This is very likely due to the fast extending influence of the Behai sect, the members of which regard favourably an acquaintance with other non-idolatrous religions. These people, notwithstanding their being outside of official protection and in collision with the Mullahs, form to-day a large proportion of the population of Yezd, and exercise an influence on public opinion considerably wider than the boundaries of their sect. As for actual Missionary work of Christianization going beyond this point, the difficulties encountered and the risks of a catastrophe are too great at present for any sensible man to attempt it.
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