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TITLEPromoting Peace: 100 Years of the Baha'i Faith in Santa Paula, California, 1914-2014
AUTHOR 1Anne King Sadeghpour
ABSTRACTDetailed history of the community in southern California, including references to Marzieh Gail, Ethelwyn Drew Hall, Florence Mayberry, Molly King, the Yamamotos, Asadullah Fadil-i-Mazandarani, Guy Murchie, Isabella Brittingham, Louise Waite, et al.
NOTES See picture of author at end.
TAGSBahá'í history by country; California, USA; Ethelwyn Drew Hall; Florence Mayberry; Guy Murchie; Hiroshi Yamamoto; Isabella Brittingham; Kanichi Yamamoto; Louise Waite; Marzieh Gail; Michiaki Yamamoto; Mírzá Asadullah Fadil-i-Mazandarani; Molly King; Santa Paula, CA; Shinji Yamamoto; United States (documents)

The author presenting a hard copy to the Blanchard Community Library head librarian Ned
Branch (right) and to Santa Paula historian Craig Held. (2019 Dec. 19; no larger image available)

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