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TITLEAn Exploration of the Ridvan 2010 Message
AUTHOR 1Sana Rezai
ABSTRACTSix common elements of Plan letters by the Guardian and the Universal House of Justice (praise, analysis, directives, reminder of fundamentals, guidance, encouragement), statistically analyzed by word counts.
NOTES Written for the Wilmette Institute.
TAGSRidvan messages, Comments
The following paper was written in December 2010 for a Wilmette Institute course (and in anticipation of the 28 Dec 2010 Five Year Plan message of the House). In order to obtain a better understanding of the Ridvan 2010 message, the paper explores the prevalence and purpose of six common elements of Plan letters of the Guardian and the House of Justice – praise and acknowledgement, analysis of conditions, call and directives, reminder of fundamentals, guidance, and encouragement and assurance – using word counts of each element within each paragraph. The resulting data is then analyzed and discussed to provide, hopefully, a more clear understanding of the role of each of these elements, as well as an additional mindset by which to read subsequent House messages.
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