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TITLEThrough Warring Countries to the Mountain of God
AUTHOR 1Charles Mason Remey
ABSTRACTExperiences of two American Bahá'ís in France, England, and Germany on their way to visit Abdul-Baha in the Israel in 1914. Includes excerpt of address by Abdu'l-Bahá on proofs of the coming Prophet, and letter written by Abdul Sana to a friend in London.
NOTES This document is online in a variety of formats at See also "Observations of a Bahá'í Traveller, 1908."

While Remey later broke the covenant (see uhj_mason_remey_followers), at the time he wrote this journal he was an influential figure in the Bahá'í community and was later appointed Hand of the Cause. This document is thus not "covenant-breaker" material.


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