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TITLEThe Mi'ráj in Select Shaykhí, Bábí, and Bahá'í Texts
AUTHOR 1Sholeh A. Quinn
ABSTRACTThe ascension of the Prophet Muhammad to heaven, and commentary on its meanings by religious leaders associated with the the Shaykhí, Bábí, and Bahá'í movements. Link to article (offsite).
NOTES Published in the Religions special issue "The Bahá'í Faith: Doctrinal and Historical Explorations," online at, where it is also available in HTML, XML, and epub formats.
TAGS- Interfaith dialogue; - Islam; Alchemy; Aqsa Mosque; Concealment; Hájí Mulla Muhammad Karim Khan Kirmani; Illusions; Isra and Miraj; Kitáb-i-Íqán (Book of Certitude); Knowledge; Magic; Manifestations of God, Gradual disclosure of; Metaphysics; Muhammad (Prophet); Opposition; Physics; Polymaths; Quran; Science; Shaykhism; Tablet of the True Seeker; Taqiyyah (dissimulation); Theophany; Time
Abstract: The mi‘raj, or ascension of the Prophet Muhammad to heaven, has received a great deal of attention on the part of Islamic scholars and writers, who expanded upon a short Qur’anic passage and communicated their understanding of this episode. Nineteenth century religious leaders associated with the the Shaykhī, Bābī, and Bahā’ī movements continued the practice of commenting on the mi‘rāj. Rather than communicating fixed ideas about the meaning of the mi‘raj, their writings reflect the contexts in which they were composed.
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