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COLLECTIONPublished articles
TITLEA New Religion, Babism
AUTHOR 1Paul Carus
PAGE_RANGE355-376, 398-420
ABSTRACTOverview of early Bahá'í history, the Faith in Chicago, a review of Myron Phelps' book Life and Teachings of Abbas Effendi (1903), and a review of Ibrahim Kheiralla's book Beha Ullah (1900).
NOTES Published in two parts, in June and July 1904, which are here combined in one document. To see the photographs, download the second and third PDFs. Also available as a Word document, open-court_new_religion_babism.docx. From part 1 and part 2.

While the author is not identified other than as "editor," it is confirmed to be Paul Carus by Arthur Pillsbury Dodge in a subsquent issue, in which Dodge corrects some errors in the articles below.

TAGSBahá'í history; Criticism and apologetics

1. Proofread, formatted text from issue 18:6 (June) and 18:7 (July)
see the missing pages 373-376 in the second PDF, below

2. Text-based PDF, with photographs, of issue 18:6 (1904-06)

Click to download: open-court_new_religion_1_images.pdf [1.5MB]

2. Text-based PDF, with photographs, of issue 18:7 (1904-07)

Click to download: open-court_new_religion_2_images.pdf [1.8MB]
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