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TITLEPersien wie es ist und war mit Karawane, Auto und Flugzeug durch Risas Königreich
AUTHOR 1Hermann Norden
PUB_THISF. A. Brockhous
ABSTRACTI don't know if this refers to Bahá'ís or not; possibly on page 197? Email me if you can read German, or have access to Hathi Trust.
NOTES German translation of Under Persian skies: a record of travel by the old caravan routes of western Persia (1928).
This excerpt was emailed to me many years ago, as if it had references to the Babis or Bahá'ís. See e.g. note on page 197. But I don't read German and the scan is too poor, and in Gothic font, to OCR. The English version is online at Hathi Trust and Google Books. If you can access either (e.g. from a university library) and find out this information, please contact me. -J.W.
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