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COLLECTIONHistorical documents
TITLEConcealment and Burial of the Báb
AUTHOR 1Peter Terry
TITLE_PARENTA Most Noble Pattern: Collected Essays on the Writings of the Báb
PUB_THISGeorge Ronald
ABSTRACTThis chapter from A.-L.-M. Nicolas' seminal biography Seyyed Ali Mohammed dit le Bab (1905) tells the story of the death and burial of the Bab, compiled from the reports of several eye-witnesses consulted by the author.
NOTES See also A Prophet in Modern Times, Terry's annotated partial translation of Seyyed Ali Mohammed dit le Bab.
TAGS- Báb, The; Akka, Israel; Báb, Burial of; Báb, Martyrdom of; Báb, Remains of; Báb, Shrine of; Eyewitnesses; Haifa, Israel; Iran (documents); Mount Carmel, Israel; Tehran, Iran
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