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TITLEوقایع حیرت‌انگیز قصبه نی‌ریزمشکبیز (Vaqáyi`-yi Hayratangíz-i Qasbih-yi Nayríz-i Mishkbíz): "The Astonishing Events in the Town of Nayriz the Perfumed"
AUTHOR 1Muhammad Husayn Nayrizi
ABSTRACTAccount written by the grandfather of Hossein Ahdieh, who describes this book as an authentic and detailed history of the three upheavals of Nayriz (1850, 1853 and 1909), covering the story of Vahid and the 1853 massacre up to 1926.
NOTES Also online in web-presentation format at
TAGSIran (documents); Nayriz, Iran; Nayriz upheaval; Vahid (Siyyid Yahyay-i-Darabi)
About: By Áqá Shaykh Muhammad Husayn, son of Shaykh Muhammad Shafi`. A Bahá'í History of Nayriz, starting from the entry of Sayyid Yahyá Vahíd Dárábí in 1850 until 1345/1926 when the history was written. Manuscript from the Iranian Bahá'í National Archives sent to Mr Balyuzi.
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