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TITLEThe Covenant
AUTHOR 1Ali Nakhjavani
ABSTRACTFrom a conference at Centro Studi Bahá'í, Acuto, Italy, February 19-26 2005.
NOTES If you can listen to these files and suggest titles, or find out the full names of speakers, please email me.

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TAGS`Alí Nakhjavání; Covenant
These files were posted at in three zipped folders. Though attributed there to Ali Nakhjavani, it is in fact a collection of audio and files by various people, some unidentified. There is no description provided for each file — e.g. who is speaking, or the title of the talk — but the file names give clues and dates. The third folder (below) consists of pioneering and biographical stories about Africa and the Pacific Islands, plus a photo gallery of Queen Marie.
folder 1
19_02_05_welcomenight.mp3[11 MB]
20_02_05_Bahiyyih_03.mp3[14 MB]
20_02_05_First Session.mp3[13 MB]
20_02_05_plenary session_04.mp3[14 MB]
20_02_05_Second Session.mp3[12 MB]
20_02_05_Violet N_04.mp3[12 MB]
21_02_05_Bahiyyih_03.mp3[14 MB]
21_02_05_First Session.mp3[14 MB]
21_02_05_plenary session.mp3[10 MB]
21_02_05_Second Session_02.mp3[11 MB]
21_02_05_Violet N.mp3[11 MB]
22_02_05_Bahiyyih.mp3[14 MB]
22_02_05_First Session.mp3[14 MB]
22_02_05_plenary session.mp3[11 MB]
22_02_05_Second Session.mp3[9 MB]
22_02_05_Violet N.mp3[8 MB]
23_02_05_Bahiyyih.mp3[13 MB]
folder 2
23_02_05_Violet N.mp3[13 MB]
24_02_05_Bahiyyih.mp3[16 MB]
24_02_05_First Session.mp3[15 MB]
24_02_05_plenary session.mp3[16 MB]
24_02_05_Second Session.mp3[10 MB]
24_02_05_Violet N.mp3[11 MB]
25_02_05_Ayyam-i Ha program.mp3[14 MB]
25_02_05_Bahiyyih.mp3[14 MB]
25_02_05_Bahiyyih2.mp3[14 MB]
25_02_05_First Session.mp3[15 MB]
25_02_05_Second Session.mp3[12 MB]
25_02_05_Violet N.mp3[14 MB]
26_02_05_AnswersQuest_II.mp3[20 MB]
26_02_05_AnswersQuest.mp3[16 MB]
folder 3, "extras"
    [photos and quotes of Marie of Romania]
[4 MB]
stories Democratic Republic of Congo.doc
    [very short, 1/2-page historical summary
[20 K]
stories of Namibia 1.doc
    [memories of the Salas, by Wolfgang Aiff]
[20 K]
stories of Namibia 2.doc
    [letter to the Hands, by Martin and Gerda Aiff]
[20 K]
stories of Namibia 3.doc
    [letter from Rosemary and Emeric Sala, 1960]
[20 K]
stories Papua New Guinea.doc
    [one page of notes about Violet Hoehnke]
[20 K]
Stories Samoa.doc
    [pioneering stories by Mahnaz Ala'i-Vaillancourt]
[20 K]
The Ten Year Crusade.ppt
    [a collection of photos, by Giuseppe Robiati]
[6 MB]
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