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TITLEThe Cause of the Rise and Fall of Civilizations
AUTHOR 1Ruhaniyyih Ruth Moffett
ABSTRACTA chart correlating the growth of maturity of humanity and the evolution of religions with major events in history.
NOTES Moffett personally gave a copy of this chart to Roger Coe in 1972. Coe had it scanned by a printshop in 2012. This scan was done at fairly high resolution but was scanned and saved in bitmap (not grayscale) format, and was then embedded in a PDF, so the resulting image is pixelated. The image data was later extracted from the PDF and saved in PNG format. This was then rotated, reduced, and saved in PNG and GIF formats. All versions are below.
TAGS- Chronology and timelines; - Interfaith dialogue; Civilization; History (general); Religion (general); Ruth Moffett; Visuals
CONTENT Moffett writes that this chart was presented to the Guardian in 1954, as described in her own pilgrim's notes. Moffett had copies printed on special paper, archival quality and large format, which she sold widely in the 1960-70s. The following account might not have been corroborated by anyone else (i.e. it might not be accurate), and its portrayal of history is her own interpretation, not necessarily from the Bahá'í Writings:
"Mrs. Moffett has developed a very fine chart, The Cause of the Rise and Fall of Civilizations." As the Guardian said this, Ruhiyyih Khanum rose and handed the big chart to the Guardian from a serving table. He unrolled it and pushed aside his plates and silver and anchored it down with his cup and water glass. He said; "I had advised against the use of certain charts that have been sent to me that were incorrect and misleading. I did not advise against all charts, as I use the chart method myself. Mrs. Moffett's chart is in a special class. It is based upon history. It is a graph of the cycle as one would illustrate the solar system. It is a chart which establishes relationships. It is very fine. She has permission to use it wherever she feels there is a need. It is the result of her search and not a Bahá'í chart, as it was not made by 'Abdu'l-Bahá nor the Guardian. Bahá'ís need it and it is good for use in college classes and for those of a Christian and Moslem background. It is very convincing." (from moffett_pilgrims_notes)
Rotated, shrunk to 25%, GIF:moffett_rise_fall_civilizations_25percent.gif[1.3 MB, 4087x900 pixels]
Rotated, shrunk to 50%, PNG:moffett_rise_fall_civilizations_50percent.png[3.1 MB, 8168x1799 pixels]
Original, sideways orientation, PDF:moffett_rise_fall_civilizations_original.pdf[1.4 MB, 3598x16846 pixels]
Original, sideways orientation, PNG:moffett_rise_fall_civilizations_original.png[1.7 MB, 3598x16846 pixels]

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