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COLLECTIONNewspaper articles
TITLEMention of the Babi and Baha'i Faiths in the New York Times 1852 - 1922
ABSTRACT45 articles and brief mentions, spanning 70 years.
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See also Historical mentions of the Bábí/Bahá'í Faiths, Newspaper Collections and the Bahá'í Faith, and Bábí Attempt on the Life of the Shah, 1852: Coverage in the New York Times.

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The following is a very small sample of articles that have appeared in New York Times that reference
the Faith. See many more by exploring the links at Newspaper Collections and the Bahá'í Faith.

1852-11-02   "Attempt on Shah"
1852-11-16   "Four Hundred Executed"
1896-06-28   "Shah Attacked"
1900-11-24   " Gossip"
1903-07-30   "Yazd"
1903-07-31   "Death To The Babs"
1903-08-15   "Phelps"
1903-12-26   "Browne"
1907-06-04   "Thatcker Funeral"
1909-04-18   "Genealogical Hall"
1909-07-24   "East West"
1909-10-24   "Fifteen Million"
1910-07-06   "Babism"
1910-10-08   "Barney Book"
1910-10-23   "The Barneys"
1911-06-04   "Gift House"
1911-07-02   "Bahaism Founded in Martyrdom"
1911-09-24   "First Photo"
1912-03-04   "Leader Due"
1912-04-12   "Abbas Arrives"
1912-04-15   "Ascension Church"
1912-04-21   "Message From Abdul Baha"
1912-05-12   "Reception"
1912-05-13   "Alright"
1912-05-14   "Denounce Warfare"
1912-05-21   "Suffragists"
1912-05-29   "Metro Temple"
1912-06-02   "Montclair"
1912-06-30   "Chasing Train"
1912-07-15   "Unitarian Church Speech"
1912-11-19   "Blesses Morgan"
1912-12-06   "Farewell"
1913-04-27   "NAACP"
1913-07-06   "Science"
1913-10-11   "Carnegie Praised"
1914-04-12   "Strange Politics"
1915-09-05   "Carnegie"
1915-10-13   "Dodge Obit"
1918-12-16   "Master is Well"
1919-04-27   "Convention"
1920-10-31   "Ives Wray Wedding"
1921-12-01   "Abdul Baha Obit"
1922-04-16   "Baha and Gandhi" (the picture that is refered to can be found here)
1922-07-19   "Shrine Dispute"
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